The colon is the large intestine, where the small intestine empties digestion metabolic wastes which are not absorbed in the body. After absorption of water, the colon passes stools of these residues through the rectum at regular intervals. Common diseases include irregular bowel movements, the growth of polyps and colon cancer. Sometimes, surgery is needed to address these problems in the colon. With age, often small intestine called outpouchings form of colon diverticula. Diverticulosis and diverticulitis are conditions that are derived from these outpouchings bowel and sometimes can cause bleeding and infection. If you have suffered several attacks, then you may require an operation to remove part of the colon made​​.

Advantages of laparoscopic colon surgery

The biggest advantage of laparoscopic colon surgery over open surgery is that it offers less postoperative pain, shorter hospital stay and allows the patient to return more quickly to a diet of solid foods. With this, there is a rapid return to bowel function, improved cosmetic results and faster return to normal activities.

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