Thoracic Surgery

Thoracic Surgery is the medical specialty that studies and treats diseases of different organs in the thorax except the heart and great vessels as well as the different alterations of the chest wall

Thoracic Surgery handles therefore pathologies of the chest wall and sternum either congenital , acquired or traumatic they . Trachea and bronchi diseases , benign or malignant , as stenosis and tumors. Mediastinal Diseases ( Thymomas , cysts, tumors). Pathology of the pleura as benign or malignant effusions , infections ( empyema ) , hemothorax , pneumothorax and tumors ( mesothelioma ) . Lung diseases : lung cancer, emphysema , bullae , benign tumors. Lung transplants . Diseases of the diaphragm as hernias and hernias . Pathologies of the thoracic esophagus : duplication , reflux, tumors. It also performs the surgical treatment of various other diseases such as Myasthenia Gravis and hyperhidrosis .

In addition to traditional surgical techniques , performs various procedures such as video-assisted minimally invasive techniques , laser resection of endobronchial tumors and placement of stents .