Advantages of minimally invasive surgery

It helps you to recover faster

Nobody wants to stay in the hospital longer than necessary. Patients who choose to return to their CMI faster than those who opt for conventional surgery households. The recovery time is usually shorter. That means you can return to your routine in less time with the CMI that you can take with conventional surgery.

Because the incisions are smaller than in conventional surgery , there are less invasive and less damage to your body , contributing to a rapid recovery . Many patients can ingest food CMI within hours of surgery and wander once the anesthesia have disappeared. The length of hospital stay varies with the procedure performed, and on average is usually 24 to 36 hours, drug is usually much less than that of conventional surgery . Some of these surgeries are performed on an outpatient basis , ie with a stay or placement of about 5 to six hours , which is not possible with conventional surgery.

Less scarring (it’s more aesthetic)

Conventional surgery leaves patients with large and indelible scars. But this is not so for patients who choose CMI. Most CMI incisions are small (less than 1cm) and many people do not even notice after recovery. Not with this we mean that the importance of CMI lies in the aesthetic procedure, but it is one more advantage over conventional surgery.


Less pain

The incisions are smaller than in conventional surgery, less trauma, and as a result, there is much less pain and therefore less need for analgesics (pain medications) after the procedure.